Monday, February 22, 2016

Storage Box Buildings!

A whole lot of building, for 95 cents!

On a recent browse at my local dollar store ("100 yen shop") here in Japan, I was amazed by my good fortune.
What did I find?
Rows and rows of different-sized cardboard storage boxes designed like wood-beamed buildings, which looked like they would be about right for 28mm wargaming. There were several different designs, in black or brown, ranging from long and slim to wide and flat.

OOOOOoooooooo! Buildings!

I excitedly bought a few and rushed home to see what I could make with them. After sorting them out and reviewing the different sizes I tackled the smallest first - a long, thin file storage box.

After scoring, cutting and folding the roof, it came together!

Some empire soldiers guard the front door.

I was able to score and cut the "Roof", folding it along the length of the box so it folded over. Using PVA glue I was able to make it pretty sturdy. As you can see from the photos above, these buildings aren't exactly 28mm scale, but they feel close.

For that first building (which I think makes a pretty good Merchant's House or Town House, I was so excited I didn't even give any thought to the inside! Consequently, the inside of the building isn't currently accessible...

So, for the second building (a pub or possibly a town hall?), I decided to see if I could assemble it so models to move inside. To do that, I bought the same building twice and cut one of the sets so that it would fit inside the first box, providing an "interior lining" of matching walls. I also added a "floor" using wood effect tape.

After lining the inside of the lid, it can be turned over to make a roof.

The door opens, and with the roof off, the interior is accessible
for adventuring.
"The ratmen think they have us cornered lads!"
This turned out quite well I think! This box is spacious, and the overall effect (considering the low cost) is acceptable. Granted, I'm sure it could do with weathering (or even more destruction) and more general detail added, but for $1.90 it doesn't get much better than this.

I bought a few more boxes, so hope to get those made up in the next week or two.

In the meantime, here are some photos of the packaging, just in case you are interested. The maker is apparently "Karinpia".


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