Saturday, May 16, 2015

Storage Wars...results are in!

Credit: "Safe" by Will Folsom on Flikr (CC by 2.0)
I've been longing for some new miniature storage for a while now to complement my big old Battlefoam case. However every time I start researching the topic I get overwhelmed by the options or the complexity of trying to work out which foam options to go for. 
"Custom?" a hassle to work it all out...
"Pick and pluck"? Doesn't look very secure etc.

So, a few weeks ago I posted a poll on Google+ asking people to share what storage options they use for their miniatures. 

The poll system is dead easy to setup and only took a few minutes (which made it easier to understand why I see so many thousands of annoying "Which Jedi do you prefer, A or B?" polls in my stream...)

I asked:

Which miniature transport system do you use?
I'm thinking of getting a new miniature transport system. There are lots out there (more than I can include in the poll) but I'd like to know which are popular!

If your transport system isn't listed here or you'd like to comment on what system you use and why please leave a comment below. 

...below you can see the options and the results after 157 people had voted.

So, after 157 votes, the winner, at 36%, is: 
DIY/ Made it myself! 

Basically, the DIY option can be VERY cheap (literally saving you hundreds of dollars or pounds) and for most people is perfectly adequate for transporting models around to their FLGS or a friend's house.  I have DIY storage myself (see image above) and it serves fine for the most part.

I don't know why, but I was a bit surprised to see GW in second place in the poll. Sure, they have the perfect opportunity to sell cases, but I never found their cases to be anything other than serviceable (although their new cases look much better than the old ones in a "I'm on my way to a SWAT team call-out, rather than a mate's house" kind of way.) 

I have heard good things about KR, so they were definitely an option I was considering, and it was good to see they were getting some love in the poll too. I wasn't surprised to see people using Battlefoam - they have a good marketing operation and website and tons of case options.

Overall though, the results confirm that if I stay with a DIY solution I'm in good company. That's comforting, considering that I probably can't afford to splurge on a commercial solution immediately anyway!

Thanks to the 157 people who voted, and those who commented too...

...I'm off down to the "Hundred Yen Shop" to pick up some more storage!

Image: "Want some Tupperware?" by RageZ (CC by 2.0)

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