Sunday, September 14, 2014

All along the watchtower...


Over the last few days I've been working on an old Citadel Watchtower I picked up on eBay. I don't think you can get these from GW anymore (they didn't have it listed on their website when I had a quick look today - which is a shame, it is a nice model.)

The original model also comes with a separate small outhouse, which I guess could represent a toilet! It can be placed on top of the tower or separately. I haven't started that yet, but thought I would share the main tower.

with Skaven champion, for scale.
I was quite happy with:
  1. The brazier with hot coals came out OK. This was my second attempt to try Object Source Lighting, and the yellow glaze on the area around the brazier is subtle (possibly too subtle) but overall OK.
  2. Added flock around the base, so it blends in nicely with my battle mat.
  3. Added some rust effects in key areas.
Not sure about:
  1. Using red/ brown for bricks, rather than just grey/ fortress gray for stone. Bricks somehow feel a bit out of place here...I might get used to it though.
  2. Mould lines/ flash. The model came assembled, and there were a lot of gaps in edges etc. This is really noticeable on the chimney and corners of the structure. I really should have either taken in apart and glued it again (difficult) or used greenstuff or some other method to fill the gaps.
Here are some more photos.
A small Skaven unit marches past.
Roof detail. Sadly the sword held by the golden gryphonne is gone.
Nice details. The embedded skeleton/ alcove adds character.
Used this blue to tie the model in with the chapel I painted previously.

On the base and second floor I added some flock/ grass to add a bit of age.
Also, I added a rust effect on some key areas, like the metal reinforcements

Added some source lighting from the brazier to the edged surfaces around it.

It should made a nice companion to my Empire Chapel (below).

One thing I had forgotten - buildings take a lot longer to paint than you think!



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