Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Multi-role Rhinos...

There is something pretty cool about the Space Marine Rhino...
Two Rhinos, used as Razorbacks (turrets removable)
 Although in shape it is different, its reputation for reliability reminds me of the kind of rugged performance you imagine a Russian APC/ AFV (Armoured personnel/ Fighting Vehicle) might have. In other words, hard to stop, easy to fix!

For that reason, as well as looking forward to working on a couple of Whirlwind models (see image below), I also thought about how I could adapt them/ make them "multi-role" and use them as Predators if I wanted to. 

X2 Rhino chassis, with missile launchers (Whirlwind)
I remembered that months ago I bought a couple of predator turret sprues. As the Whirlwind turrets I have didn't come glued into place, I realized that I could simply keep them loose and then replace them with the autocannon turrets you see below. 

Predator Autocannon/ Lascannon turret sprues
However, I also quickly remembered that I can't make them into Predators without sponsons, and those I don't have.  A quick search on ebay and my problem was fixed. The additional sponson sprues should arrive in a couple of weeks. 

To keep these two Rhino chassis totally adaptable however, I will either need to magnetize the sides of the Rhino chassis and the sponsons or resign myself to blu-tack when I want to use them as Predators. (Note: The latter actually isn't a bad option at all, requires zero prep, and usually survives a battle without any problems)

Lascannon Predator 
Lascannon Predator 2
With 7th edition (or is it 6.5?) apparently just around the corner, and the opportunity to have "unbound" armies, is there a "Predator-heavy army" in my future?


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