Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Finished Black Templars Sternguard - photo extravaganza

Yes, they're the Sternguard, veteran space marines who specialize in using firepower to take down specific targets or reinforcing other positions (special ammo and combi-weapons for the win...)

Actually, though these aren't just any old sternguard, these are Black Templar sternguard, and naturally that makes them twice as hard as any other Space Marine Chapter. 

It took me 4 months to get these guys done (the journey began after scouring eBay and getting a ton of bitz in January)

You might think that being BT makes these guys easier to paint. After all, BT painting is usually about black and white (with a dash or red) but in fact, it took me ages to get my colour scheme together. It was the fluff that actually threw me a bit. Usually, Space Marine veterans are a colorful lot, with Sternguard particularly fashionable - lots of braid, gold and other bits and pieces to indicate their status. 
So what to do though with BT Sternguard? 
After all, BT are a pretty serious lot, and (to my mind) not as likely to go for all the bling that others might. They have a bit of a puritanical look after all (some seriously unfashionable hair cuts around). 

For that reason I decided to have the majority of these veterans stay with gunmetal/ silver ornaments, and kept the gold for the sergeants or other senior looking lads. Ornamental braid are in red or yellow (just for a change...)

And here are the results. Hope you like them!

Heavy flamers...Burn, baby, burn!


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