Saturday, January 26, 2013

Battle Chronicler and Updated Guides


I have to apologise for the time it is taking to finish the battle report for my recent Skaven v. Tomb Kings - lots of stuff going on at the moment, as well as putting it all together in Battle Chronicler, so I haven't got much further than just getting the army lists posted!

Battle Chronicler. Awesome.

By the way, if you ever need to create a battle report for WH40K or WFB (or any tabletop system actually) and If you don't know Battle Chronicler you owe it to yourself to check it out. (FYI: I have no connection with site or the creator.)


  1. It is totally free. 
    • This is another great example of a huge project put together for "the love of the (tabletop) game". (You can find a couple more examples here.)
  2. It is quite simple to use... It follows the general conventions for tabletop games (turns, army lists etc.)
    • Input your armies (and save them for later use)
    • Take them "out of the box" and place them on the field
    • create and record each turn
    • Automatically create movement arrows
    • Includes a graphics library for download with explosions
  3. ...but it has lots of depth.
    • represents every single model in the army
    • zoom in and out to see unit details down to the last model
    • you can add command units to blocks of troops
    • customize unit icons and colours
    • import overhead images for your models and attach them to units
    • includes text input so you can input commentary/ report as you go along
    • calculates distances automatically
...and lots more actually!

Now there are a few bugs apparently, and I think it is for PC not Mac. Also, it is a bit difficult to see if there is any recent activity on the site, but still, really cool.

To the creator of Battle Chronicler...
...The Chattering Horde salutes you!

Updated Guides.

Despite note having gone very far with my battle report, I did find time just to review and update the painting guides here on the site. It took a bit of time, but I have now added links on all the old guides to my conversion chart and GW's conversion chart with a note about the new paints.

As I was doing that, I noticed that I have 27 guides now (and I still have to do a few more!). To be honest, I don't have time to go through all of them and totally rewrite everything regarding the colours (or even add the new colour next to the old colour in every instance.)

I hope the guides are still useful though!



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  1. Where's the battle report? I'm interested in how this one went.


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