Sunday, November 18, 2012

Black Templars and Chaos Update


Fellow warlords, it has been some time since my last scratchings, so I thought I should report on the progress of the Chattering Horde once more. I am embarrassed to say that I have been lured (or seduced) into following the ways of another great power in the weeks since I last posted, and have done little but work on painting an army of Chaos... 
... Chaos Space Marines that is! 
May the Great Horned Rat forgive me! 
m(_ _)m 

After finally managing to get my act together and get hold of some Citadel Black primer spray, I got the bases very roughly done and have moved onto playing around with some base colours. As seems traditional with the forces of Chaos, I have gone for metallic colours (as you can see), by which I mean lots of Boltgun Metal, not just for weapons, but for a main colour. 

In addition, I am using Dwarf Bronze and Shining Gold mix on shoulder pads etc. For the first time, I am also using some of the "new" Citadel Paints range. In this case, LeadbelcherScreaming Bell and Hashut Copper (conversion chart here). They give good coverage and seem pretty easy to work with. At first I was quite surprised by just how "Red" the Hashut Copper was. As you can see in the images below it is very distinctive!
Screaming Bell/ Hashut Copper
Dwarf Bronze/ Shining Gold 
Screaming Bell/ Hashut Copper
Dwarf Bronze/ Shining Gold
Screaming Bell

A unit of Chaos Space Marines
The names that have come to mind so far for these units have included:
"The Bronze B@stards"
"The Brazen B@stards"
"Black Jack's Brass Legion"
Lots of "Brass" and "Bronze" etc, but I believe "Steel Legion" has already been taken....

I am a bit concerned as to how these will all come out in the end.My Skaven, Tau and High Elves never really saw any metallics used aside from on blades and breastplates etc. I am hoping though that applying some washes and then layers/ highlights should make them a little less garish. One question I am a is whether to use a black wash or an earth wash on the metallic? For weapons where I have used Leadbelcher I think Nuln Oil (Black) should he good, but what about shoulder pads? Agrax Earthshade? Also, as most of the Space Marine armour is simply black, would I wash those? And if so which washes would be best? Questions, questions! (all advice appreciated by the way!)

As well as working my way slowly through the CSMs, I also ordered two Rhinos and a couple of Landspeeders on eBay. Today I resprayed the Rhinos black and kitbashed a Lascannon turret and a Heavy Bolter turret so I could field a couple of Razorbacks if I wanted to (they aren't glued on). You can see them below:
"Old Style" Rhino w/ updated hatches (and smoke launchers?)

Twin Linked Lascannon

"Old Style" with Twin-Linked Heavy Bolters

Chaos Rhino
Landspeeder Typhoon

Landspeeder Tornado
My plan is to keep the Rhinos both black and relatively unadorned. That way (as the group I game with are very relaxed) I can use them with both the Chaos Space Marines and my Black Templars. 

The final recent addition was a small force of Black Templar terminators, again from eBay. I picked up 5 and the seller added in a couple more at a reduced price. These models have Forgeworld shields and were very nicely painted.

Lots to do then, including more work of the imperial "Fortress of Redemption"!


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  1. The Brazen B@stards works well for me.

    Glad to see you're back. Reminds me that I need to post some updates in my own blog.


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