Saturday, June 4, 2011

Skaven - Slayer Sword Winning Diorama at Games Day France.

Sniff, sniff, a tear comes to my beady (jaundiced) eye to see this. This amazing diorama took home a prize at Games Day France...


 As the blog says at GW, there is just so much detail to admire in this piece. I love the added parts on the Screaming Bell and the fact that there is someone (or something) in the sewer to the right? (Can't see clearly because of the angle of the photo.)

To see this diorama and other really cool models from the France Games Day scurry (or slink, depending on your clan) over to the Games Workshop blog to see this diorama in more detail. The link is here.

Congratulations to Remy Tremblay! 



  1. Wow, just wow. This is pretty awesome!

  2. Amazing!!

    Realy nice artwork, sadly about the low-res images
    at the site of GW, but it's already visible that
    I still have te learn a lot before I can make such
    kind of diorama's.... *sigh....*




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