Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Throwback Tuesday...Skaven Screaming Bell


Possibly the signature war machine of the Skaven army, the Screaming Bell is as wonderful a model as it is a awesome presence on the Warhammer battlefield. I painted this in 2011.

Pushed into battle, the Screaming Bell makes the unit pushing it unbreakable...

The Grey Seer rides atop the Bell...
The Bell Ringer...a Skaven Rat Ogre

A bit of home-brew rust was painted onto bolts etc.
The Rat Ogre. Blue is my clan colour.

The brazier, with fumes.

A patina of corrosion on the bronze...made with very watered-down Ice Blue paint.

This was one of the first "Big" kits that I every painted for Warhammer, so it was a big challenge for me, and it was a good chance to try a few new things, which (I think?) included:

1. adding some simple home-brew rust effects. 
2. "hacking" the model so I could still also use it as a Plague Furnace, so it remains dual-use (you can make 1 of 2 kits with the parts included). You can find a guide to the conversion here.

I have to be honest and say that unpacking this thing is still a joy, just because it is a cool model, with lots of character.



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