Saturday, October 6, 2012

40K Scenery-Fortress of Redemption update #1


As part of the Black Templar haul that I was lucky enough to get second-hand the other day, I also got a Games Workshop Fortress of Redemption. As
I have almost no 40K scenery (other than some scratch-built bunkers) I was pretty stoked to lay my hands on this.

Twin-Linked Las Cannon Interceptor at left...(removable)

Missile Silo

At the time I got it I thought, "Wow, this thing is big and is going to take quite a lot of painting!" 

Looking around, there are number of different paint schemes that seem popular, but the most popular ones seem to be either a "Dark Angels Green" or green or grey for the walls, and a dark grey or black for the giant Angel of Death statues on the tower. What to do?

As I don't have any Chaos Black undercoat to hand I decided just to use a grey Tamiya surfacer as the undercoat (the undercoat in the image above). Having done that, I ended up with a very light grey. Impatient type that I am, I have decided that I will see if I can use washes to darken the undercoat and see what we end up with. Although it might be cool, I have decided not to do the whole thing as a Black Templar base in black and white. I will be using some black though (probably on the Angels of Death) so it should still tie together with any Black Templars who end up defending it. 

After a couple of late-night sessions over the last week, I have got base colours down on the gantry-way, decorations, and skulls. Here is where I am now:

Dark Angels chapter icons (No, I am not going to convert them to BT)
A bit difficult to see, but the gantry is painted in Bolt Gun Metal

All I can say is, if only my Skaven had a hidey-hole like this!

(or maybe they can? mwahahaha!)


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