Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hell Pit Abomination...finished!


"So, whose in charge today then?"

The last few days here in Japan have been part of the "Golden Week" holiday period, so I had some time to work on the model from start to finish. To be honest, I found doing those big areas of flesh really difficult, and they still don't look right. I put a lot of time into layering the different colours, but they still look kind of flat. More so in the picture than in reality, but still...

I could have done with this guy (thing?) in my last battle, where some serious hand-to-hand combat power would have come in useful.

 Here's the pics!

The "engine" of destruction.
The business end.
the other side. A bit difficult to make out but lots of arms and spikey bits.
Detail of stitches.
Bitey bits. You can see the patina on the bronze chestplate here

Detail of pillar.
Warpstone spikes.
Warpstone and warpstone spikes

As usual, from looking at the photos above I can immediately see more stuff to do...
a.) Add some glow on the skin around the warpstone chunks.
b.) Add a "sore flesh" effect around the tattoos/ scars.
c.) Put some gloss varnish on the dripping blood/ gore from the mouth/ arms.
d.) Add some more varied colours to the veins such as blue/ purple. (At the moment they are layered but don't really stand out enough. Certainly not in these photos anyway.)
e.) Drybrush one more lighter shade onto the "Skull". It looks a bit perfect at the moment...

I hope to write up a step-by-step guide at some point, but I still have to do the Plague Furnace/ Screaming Bell write up so it could be a while.

In the meantime all C&C welcome. Thanks for looking!



  1. There are very few models that I would classify as 'disturbing'...this is one of them!

  2. Thanks for the comments! I got some good feedback over on the UnderEmpire which has given me plenty of pointers about more stuff I could do to improve the painting on this. If I can find time to have another go I'll post some more pictures of an improved (I hope) HPA in the future!

  3. Love it, wish i could seen this before i started working on mine. White red eyed head with black outlines took my breath;-)

  4. Pretty cool! This is definitely going to be the model for the "Soul Hamster" (A result of a misreading, but it grew on me. It's actually the "Soul Harvester". (Note: The "Soul Harvester" I'm referring to is for Warmachine, so don't worry if it doesn't make sense.)

  5. @Alzakhraj/ @Pete
    Thanks for the comments!
    @C'nor..."Soul Hamster"? CLASSIC!
    I may have to borrow that turn of phrase for when my HPA hits the gaming table...


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