Saturday, May 29, 2010

Beasts of War!

ahem...well I haven't updated the site for at least a week due to work and other things - like painting! I am halfway through my first Clanrats/ slave unit and it is sloooooowww going. I hope to have my first full unit finished this weekend though and will post some pics.

In the meantime, I thought I would shout out about the Beasts of War YouTube channel and website - these guys are doing an awesome job for the love of their gaming hobby.

Why should you check it out?

  1. The hosts, John, Darrell, Lloyd and Warren - love gaming, and it shows.
  2. Unboxing videos.
  3. Modeling videos.
  4. Painting videos
  5. Rules discussions and gaming tips ("BOW Tips").
  6. "First Looks" at new and existing gaming systems.
  7. All videos are high-quality and well shot.
  8. Beautiful design on the YouTube channel.
  9. Lots of wargaming systems covered and introduced.

One of the thing I really like is their "Unboxing Videos" as you don't see many of these around on the web. I thought a talk-through of opening a box would be pretty dull, but actually if it for an army that you like it is pretty interesting - and very useful if you are thinking of buying a new model. Here are a couple of Skaven-themed vids that you might like:

So if you don't know these guys yet, scurry over and check out the Beasts of War YouTube channel.

John, Darrell, Warren and Beasts of War - the chattering horde salutes you!

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