Sunday, January 17, 2021

A Gloomhaven Family Photo (all 18 Gloomhaven miniatures painted)

End of a (painting) Journey

I've finally not only painted all 18 miniatures that come in the Gloomhaven box but also managed to photo them as a group. Previously I listed up all miniatures in three different posts of six, each of which have notes on paints used. You can find those...
  1. Here (part 1: Starting 6 characters, Cragheart, Spellweaver, Brute, Tinkerer, Mindthief, Scoundrel)
  2. Here (part 2: Angry Face, Sun, Circles, Eclipse, Two Minis/ Bear Face) and...
  3. Here (part 3: Lightning Bolts, Saw, Cthulu, Music Note, Three Spears, Triangles)
Below the spoiler images, I've put some final photos of the whole group, and then of each group noted above.

Fortunately even though the painting is finished (apart from some touch ups I can see already) the adventure continues as my gaming group is still working our way through the game.

I hope you enjoy the photos.

The gang is all here!

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