Sunday, April 24, 2022

Half-day DIY: Dirt Cheap Game Card Holder

 In Folklore: The Affliction... is at a premium, especially if you are playing solo, and even more so if the only place you can game is a small kitchen table. In the image above I have three characters and their equipment laid out before me (using the sold-separately Equipment Pack). There isn't really any room to write, update my stat sheet, or put a rulebook (or a fourth party member). Also, the more I go through a session, the more cards get messed up. After my last session, I decided I had to get better organized - ideally giving me more table space.

A short Amazon search later, I noticed that there are plenty of 'Game Card Holders' for playing cards. Ranging in price from 10$ to 30$ (before shipping) these come in plenty of different sizes and materials - with wood naturally being more expensive.

I like the idea, but not the price. With a 100Yen/ Dollar Store near me (Daiso) could I put something together? Sure, it probably won't look as nice, but here is what I came up with.


  • MDF board x1 (200mm x 400mm x 6mm/ 7.87in x 15.75in x 0.24 in) - 1~2 USD
  • Wooden square rods x4 (910mm x 9mm 35.82in x 0.35in) - 2 USD
  • Wood Glue (white glue/ 'Elmer's Glue') - 1 USD
  • Saw
  • Pencil (for marking out)
  • Felt (optional)


Here is what we ended up with, including some measurements, and some photos of the card holders in action.

I included a small dice tray at the front, and lined that with cheap green felt offcuts.

...and there you go. I like the end result. Due to the plain wood they look cheap - because they are - but they get the job done.


Happy gaming

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