Monday, October 8, 2012

40K Fortress of Redemption Update #2

Got some more work on the Fortress done over the last few nights. This was mainly applying some Devlan Mud washes over the Tamiya Grey undercoat. This was a bit of an experiment as I had no idea how it would turn out...


Sorry for the poor photos. Basically, the wash on the walls didn't work as intended, and it looks a bit thin, probably because it is in stark contrast with the very dark parapets and gantry that are up top. I was pretty disappointed with this at first, but I have a feeling it will look better with another wash as that should darken it down even further. I will also paint some Badab Black into the deeper recesses and apply some more details, both physical (shell damage) and specific washes (rust on some strategic metal areas that will also have stained the walls etc.)

I also started putting some base coats down on the main tower (statues and wings).

It took MUCH longer than I thought. Next is basecoats on the rest of the tower. I don't want to overdo the skulls at the base of the tower, so I will probably keep them a dark grey with washes etc. That should keep the focus on the "Angels of Death".

Getting very busy at work, so may not be able to do this for while. In the meantime hoping that the new Chaos Space Marines Codex I pre-ordered will arrive!




  1. And I thought the Witchfate Tor looked depressingly large to paint... I can see what you mean about the wash not working. Hopefully the second coat will take care of it.

  2. I reckon the stuff you've washed looks good. That tablecloth is making me think I shouldn't drink and blog surf, however!


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